November 5, 2023

Martha O'Kennon
Yes, I believe we can call this time of year Autumn. Here are two of the Jack'o'Lanterns made by Michelle Kethlalefile and a friend!

The Ants were almost totally missing on the Wall of Fame this week... Except for this Winter Ant! Let's see, how about Beetles? Yes, here is an Asian Lady Beetle - on my bedroom wall! and a tiny beetle found by Juanita Solis - I've tried to turn it into a Gif file. That wasn't entirely satisfactory - tap on the picture to get it started. It's a real little acrobat! Tap on it again to repeat the performance!

Remember that there is information in the name of the file for each image. You can see it by mousing over the image - look at the lower left of the screen. Or you can click on the image to get to the (usually) larger image. Then the info is displayed in the address line above. Sometimes the second click will actually display a different view of the original image.

On to the Bugs! Here first is Acanthocephala terminalis. You can spot it by its bright yellow antenna-ends. Next of course is that Assassin Bug Zelus luridus. Then a Leafhopper of genus Eratoneura, once with and once without the "tail".

Here are a Plant Bug - and a Stink Bug.

Since there wasn't much out there with Barklice, let's skip to the Flies. First, here is a cool new one (to me): Genus Toxonevra,a member of Flutter-wing Flies in the Family Pallopteridae.

Here is Trichocera bimacula, followed by one of the Winter Crane Flies. The tiny little Fly with red eyes in picture 3 is one of the Common Blackflies (Genus Simulium).

Here is one of those Flies with the weird antennae, classifying them into genus Rhipidia. Second is a closer-up photo of that Fly. Third is Something very weird - Black with red spots or vice versa.

There were a lot of Loopers this week.

More Loopers! and a bright-green Caterpillar! I wish I knew what that one was going to grow up into! Then @K8thegr8 in iNat said it was something like Pyralid and Crambid Snout Moths, in the Superfamily Pyraloidea. What a beautiful green color!!!

Here is a repeat of a picture from last week. I thought it was too beautiful to leave out this week! It's a Smoky-winged Woodlouse Fly (Melanophora roralis), one of the Flies we have admired before, but I love this picture because it shows the pretty leaves on which the gorgeous blue Fly was sitting.

Now to see the Spiders of the Week. Naturally, we saw quite a lot more of the Common House Spiders than most other kinds. And even when we were seeing other kinds, they seemed mostly to be Grass Spiders. Third is a Cobweb Spider with a Wasp larva on its neck, poor thing! Fourth is a lovely little Wasp!

The Euonymus just gets redder and redder as winter comes online! And the fishes only get more and more colorful as the water gets colder and more reflective!

Love, Martha

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