March 13, 2022

Martha O'Kennon

Another disappointing week. It started off a bit springily, but ended with a 5-6 inch snowfall. I must admit this snowfall is melting quickly compared to some. Despite this renegade winter weather, there are a few signs of oncoming spring (not just on the radio).

Last week we were lucky to get a few little snowdrops coming up on the Seely lawn, but this week as one walks past, it's no trick to see a whole yard full of them.

Of course, not to be outdone, my own snowdrops aren't too far behind, even in the new snow. And our Winter Aconites are burgeoning. In picture 2, toward the back of the Winter Aconites, that is a cast-off shell of the Roman Snails, a band of immigrants who have joyously moved into American gardens. I also remember seeing some of these in one house that some of my South African friends lived in. They were equally unloved there. In my yard they managed to destroy a lot of Purple Coneflowers, from top to root. They (the Snails) do seem to be fewer these years.

Another little Spring garden bulb that is reaching for the skies nowadays are the Squills or Scylla. They will have brilliant blue flowers when they bloom. These first ones bloom around my big old Maple Tree. Picture 2 is one from last week showing a healthy bud in the back yard, and also the "Borrowers" from last week. There are several baby Iris plants that are up a couple of inches now, over on the east side of the Pond. Here they are in picture 3.

This lovely orange Fly is of genus Suillia, and is related to some of the "Dung Flies". The next one is one of the Muscoid Flies, meaning the ones that look a lot like our House Flies. The third one is a Midge, one of the non-biting group.

Let's look at the Fishes as they were the other day in the sun. First, Fishes swimming in and out of the bright flash of Sun. Then, in a reflection in a tree that I had shot from a good distance out. It isn't REALLY upside-down, gang.

Here is a rather decorative Lichen, with a cute little Bug or Beetle. Next, a couple of Loopers, or larval Geometrid Moths.

Poor old Spooky. She had to spend Friday night at the vets'. There she was anesthetized twice to clear her gut where she had gotten constipated and they needed to massage her to get the poop out. Twice. Chaim is a real animal-whisperer. He is actually able to get her to take her laxative meds. And she will eat anything he makes for her. Poor little thing. Chaim said that this morning she even leapt over the barricade meant to keep the cats in the kitchen and out of the living room. Yegads! Picture 1 here shows Spooky at the top of her cat tower the week we got her (or she got us). Picture 2 shows a very empty Spooky walking toward Chaim to get a pat or a treat.

I was afraid I wouldn't even have one Spider this week, but I did manage to find this one: another Running Crab Spider, with the longish abdomen this time.

Let's go back and see a few day's worth of the Pond, to reflect on the changing weather over those few days. Here it is on the 12th and 13th. Click a couple of times on picture 1 to see the pointer to a possible LILY bud. Picture 2 was taken this morning.

Well, after all that, the Fishes Under the Ice picture again. I still am entranced with the colors and patterns in the ice!

Love, Martha

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