January 30, 2022

Martha O'Kennon

Yes, it's still winter.

No living creatures could be seen walking around on any of the four Walls. But let me share with you the nicest pictures I've seen this week and the very nicest Frost pictures I can remember. It was sent in by my friend Mary-Ann Cateforis of Potsdam. Don't they just remind you of the home of the Frost Fairies?


There was of course the brown straw-like freckle-sized patch on the East Wall. I have suspected since I first saw it that it was a Barklouse egg mass, but now I'm not so sure. Picture 3 shows the little group of dark-colored Barklouse eggs not far from the freckle patch.

The pond is always different. Sometimes you can see a tan-colored cat out there but by the time you come out with a camera, its hugeness has already drunk what it wanted. You can see the many animal tracks in the snow atop the pond. Oh! As I minced my way back from the shop to the deck, I saw this little creature on the South Wall. Sorry to say, I've no idea what it is!

For Cousin Renee, a couple of shots. Here Spooky sees that Chaim is having a bit of crumbled mozzarella, and stands her ground until she is successful!

And that's about that for now. See you again in a week or two or three. Love, Martha

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