February 27, 2022

Martha O'Kennon

Still coming - Spring. This week we have a few signs of it.

The Snowdrops in Seelys' yard are up and have their heads up. This is an unstoppable sign. Next thing you know we'll be seeing the Winter Aconites, and then the crocus, and etc etc etc. But for now I'm really thankful to be seeing the Snowdrops.

The pond has a number of tip-offs of the coming Spring. The brighter (redder) Goldfish can be seen through the ice. (Actually, if they they wander to the parts under the melted part of the water, you can see them from upstairs.) I don't know how/if they hear me coming and run for the thicker part of the ice.

Picture 1 shows some of the vegetation at the bottom of the pond. Picture 2 shows what has happened to the almost surely dead matter in the lily pot, the one surviving corm of a pack of 4 Water Lilies, after the winter's cold treatment and refraint from bothering it. Unless those somewhat pointy things are baby fish, I think there is quite a lot of living plant matter in that pot! Picture 3 concentrates on the bottom-growing submerged plants, which also seem to be doing fine. Of course, all this area has had the advantage of growing underneath the small floating heater, and I can't say that this has not led to the apparent fecundity of the plants below it.

The brown strawlike freckle-sized patch on the East Wall's seventh panel is still fuzzy, but the dark Barklouse eggs (there are still 8 of them) looked a little lighter in the afternoon of the 26th (picture 3). Picture 2 is from February 19.

To use up some of the time not used in taking pictures, I worked on my Bob Ross impressions. This is the latest and is just a shift to the horizontal aspect. Bob's only comment was that so far none of my renderings includes one of those tacky little shacks he likes so much.

Maybe I'll try my hand next at a butterfly painting. My stack of cardstock is still thick, and the action on the Walls is still pretty nearly as nil as on the frosty plants.

Love, Martha

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