Barklouse nests 2022

Martha O'Kennon

Quite a lot of little Barklouse nests (I think) appeared and lasted through the winter. In April, some of them have begun to mature and some to open, showing various immature forms inside. Finally I decided to label the East Wall with letters corresponding to about twenty nests. After a lot of mistakes labeling the letters, I found a few letters with consistent nests.

The "r" Group: April 14, 15, 16. In a few of the pictures, a couple of tiny nymphs that resemble Graphopsocus nymphs appear.

Here we see December 18, December 19 am, December 19 pm. Note in the last picture the large golden thing that is either a large egg or a nymph in the right eye opposite my right eye.

On April 20, we see the "r" locus a little clearer - and see a couple of large golden eggs/nymphs at two of the openings.

Another "active" nest was in location "d". I first noticed it opening on April 12; then on the 14th, a couple of black creatures appear; then on the 19th, the nest appears to be full of dark brown nymphs..

Here is a picture from Dec. 31, showing a number of elliptical bumps, which are my present idea of what to look for from nymphs.

Here are a couple of views of possible nymphs (the little ball things). I took them about 9 am on New Years Day.

Here are one picture from this week April 13th and 15th - not too different from in December. If this conglomeration is alive, I can't wait to see what the critters ARE! One thing that is killing me from curiosity is, what is the little black critter on the top right.

Well, while we consider and consider the story of the little brown nest, let's go back to some of the real barklouse-like nurseries are, scattered mostly on the East Wall. I've now gone across that wall with a sharpie and labeled about 20 little assemblages.

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