Martha O'Kennon
Bees come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Here are a small Bumble Bee, and a huge pollen-fluffed Bumble wannabe - the second is out the first couple of days that the Goldenrod is blooming. Bumble Bees are to be seen at most times of the year. This huge Bumbler is actually a Carpenter Bee. At least it was buzzing loudly around my head, and its abdomen was black. They can do some damage to a house. But mostly they are LOUD.

The Western Honey Bees are out almost every month, just more when the Goldenrod and then the Asters are blooming and in the Spring when the Crocuses are out. The Mason Bee looks a bit like the Honey Bee, except that it collects pollen on its abdomen instead of its legs. It doesn't make honey, and it doesn't sting. It can pollinate 20 times as much as a Honey Bee.

Bees come in some amazing colors. Here are two gorgeous green bees. Some of them are Sweat Bees. Some of them have striped abdomens in one sex and are solid green in another. I think these two are different species. The last one is a pretty blue and very small.

copyright Martha O'Kennon 2019