March 16, 2018

Martha O'Kennon

Don't hold your breath, folks, but today was into the 40's or maybe the 50's F. I seem to remember that 39F is about 4C, and is a lot warmer than we have had up to now. Little spring flowers are popping up through the leaf mulch. Here is a melee of aconites and snowdrops in the back yard, and some more of the early light purple crocuses - I love the bright red pollen drizzled about them.

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I haven't seen an ant in a while, and the springtails must be going down underground now, as I haven't spotted one in a few days. But here are a couple of springtails from a week or so back. No beetles, but a brown marmorated stink bug flew into my room and after a few hours of chilling out (not in the fridge but while I was otherwise employed) was ready to let me snap it a couple of times, even upside down as it fell into its jar. You can see teach of the zillion little beads of black. The print behind the bugs was on a page of the camera instruction book, which I've gotten a bit farther along in.

The pond is showing more and more unglazed surface. Here is a quick look at the larger fish in some very prettily dimpled water. This female midge seems to have a small red parasitic mite. The male is shocking in his fluffy antennae.

We have a fair number of loopers (inch-worms), each one a little different. The third one is being observed end-on.

The snow-drops in my neighbors' yard are always fuller than mine, probably because theirs are sitting in the sun more. They are followed by a special breed of crocus that has the habit of really spreading, unlike a lot of commercial ones that do NOTHING the next year. Last is a grouping of some very small early light purple crocus.

We did have a couple of kinds of spiders this two weeks. One seems to be a kind of running crab spider. However, all the ones I saw seemed to be pretending not to be a spider, having had several legs removed by someone. This one is a 3-legged female (her palps are longer and thinner than a male's would be. Third is a 5

Her (all three of these spiders are female) rounded abdomen makes me think this first spider is one of the cobweb spiders, Steatoda genus. #2, the more orange one, is likely another species or at least a spider of a different number of legs (I only see 7). But #3 seems to resemble #1 except for the abdominal shape.

That seems to be about it. Not so many species, but a clear improvement over a month ago. I am still working daily on the class I will be giving for AALL in May!

Love, Martha

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