December 11, 2016

Martha O'Kennon

Winter came in here with a vengeance, that is to say, with enough snow to have to call in a new plow company. We had some 8-10 inches of snow - no way for me to do that these days. Needless to say, I haven't seen a bug in a long time. So here we are in mid-December with very little in the ways of pictures. But - I have the impression that a lot of people didn't get to the end of the November 27 blog - if you didn't, you didn't see the collection of insects and spiders with captions that I hoped would give you a giggle or a guffaw. Now I have to warn you that there are a very few that you might not want your kids to see since they are a wee bit risqué. If you will write to me saying you only want ( saying you want to preview the three that I thought were possibly too much for your kids, I'll send you them separately in a letter called "for your perusal"

I hate to do this, but I don't know all of you well enough to take a chance on offending you. Personally I think the three are somewhat hilarious. Here's something I've been working on - I'm trying to assemble a group of pictures of arthropods that seem to be enacting human postures and emotions.

Anthropomorphisms in the Insect World

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Love, Martha

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