March 12, 2015

Martha O'Kennon

A lot has happened since March 7!

The snow in the front and back gardens is shrinking! Here are some views of the border between the front garden and the sidewalk. The primroses begin to emerge. They are so hardy they mostly snooze through the winter and wake up ready to start blooming. Crocuses had already sprouted from the ground before the melt. The plaster sleeping bunny just keeps sleeping.

Click on any picture to enlarge it. Click again to REALLY enlarge it.

In most years I can go to the back yard and root around in the snow to find that the snowdrops are already starting to bloom down under the snow. That "normally" happens as early as February 8. "Normal" is a mystery lately. Anyway, whenever I see them I call it SPRING. If I can't see mine, I head for the front yard to see the neighbors' snowdrops emerging at the base of their aged Norway maple tree. So I wasn't too surprised to see they were really up.

It's officially spring!

The pond in the back yard has been frozen over all winter. Last time I told you about pouring water in to help bring the level back up and finding one of the 2-year-old fish floating. Yesterday almost every remaining fish were out and about. Take a look! If you click twice on the photo you should be able to make out 10 living fish! If you can't see all of them try looking just under the two little guys near the top of the picture. Good luck!

I hadn't found any insects alive outdoors but yesterday my friend called to say she had seen one on her house. It was a boxelder bug. Talk about hardy. That little guy seems to have overwintered.

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