October 24, 2014

Martha O'Kennon

Autumn progresses. Still there are proud hangers-on. One of the foxglove plants has even re-bloomed!

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Above, middle, the aster seeds have begun to mature into fluffy little balls - every year many of the seeds will germinate and there will be baby aster plants to share. And right, the rhododendron bud awaits the spring.

On the faded leaves of the formerly glorious hibiscus, I found a number of candy-striped leafhoppers, some the usual 3/8 inch long and a few tiny 3/16 inchers, probably offspring of the summer group.

You KNOW I checked the goldenrod for survivors. Here is a spider I don't recognize - about an eighth inch across. When I spotted it, it was dangling on a thread, but when it spotted me, it hauled itself up into the defunct blossoms.

Speaking of goldenrod blossoms, here is the lovely tiny seed rosette. And here are two views of the lovely 6-spotted lady bug. In the second one, he seems to be flashing us but he was really getting ready to spread his wings and fly away, which he did. Anyway we do get a view of the abdomen which is normally covered by the hard wings.

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Here is a link to some pictures from the nature center class's excursion to the pond on October 22.

Bugguide.net is a wonderful resource. If you find a picture of something unknown to you, I'd love to see it , but also try your hand at identifying it at

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