Backyard blog July 18 2014
July 18, 2014

Hello all, well, all the tads have moved out of home and into the big world. But yesterday while I was picking raspberries I saw a little movement down in the grass/dry leaves, and behold! A little toad about 2 inches long (from head to bottom). If my previous observations were correct, the pink coloration means it is a female. She is really well camouflaged here.

Click on any picture to enlarge it. Click again to REALLY enlarge it.

The next picture is from the pond where the big fat female fish is opening her mouth big hoping to get fed. The lot of them swim up when they hear you and make a big wet kissy sound meaning, Feed me!

Here's a pretty little damselfly sunning itself. (They are related to dragonflies, but daintier, hence the cute name.)

Have I shown you this magenta water lily with its reddish leaves?

Not much substance but wanted you to see some pretty pictures. We continue to have a pretty nice coolish summer with patches of rain, unlike 2 years ago when we had NO rain for 2 months! is a wonderful resource. If you find a picture of something unknown to you, I'd love to see it , but also try your hand at identifying it at

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