Backyard blog August 24 2014
August 24, 2014

Martha O'Kennon

Hellooo again. It's been a long time. But herewith some new photos. People hate thistles, but finches love them so I always nurture a few. Here is another aficionado - a lovely iridescent green bee. There is another one that has green thorax, but stripy abdomen. I don't know if it is a difference in gender or species. Anyone? Anyone? Note: since posting this, I found that the all-green version is the female and the stripy-pants version is the male.

Click on any picture to enlarge it. Click again to REALLY enlarge it.

The other evening, about dusk as you will see from the photo, a huge bluish-green dragonfly visited, hopefully picking off mosquitoes. He/she would hover for an instant so I got a few pictures - but no wings. They beat so fast they mostly look invisible.


Next: a ladybird or lady bug beetle. (an oxymoron to all you perfectionists as a bug is not a beetle)

a grasshopper nymph on pink zinnia flower.

and i wanted to show you this cool robberfly eating a regular fly. the peculiar thing is that the shadow of its abdomen looks just like the abdomen. those must be ridges on the real abdomen.

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